Curl Detangler Wet Brush

Wet Brush

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Specifically designed for curly hair, the unique shape and finger-like prongs on the Wet Brush® Go Green™ Curl Detangler bend and flex to adjust to your curl type to prevent tugging and pulling. Ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles gently loosen knots on wet or dry hair with 45% less damage and 55% less effort. This brush is made partially with plant-based plastic, and is as unique as your curls.


-Exclusive ultra-soft IntelliFlex® bristles glide through tangles on all hair types with ease
-IntelliFlex® bristles let you brush with less force, so you can detangle with less damage to your hair**
-Protects against split ends and breakage
-Fingers and bristles adjust to your curl type and texture to allow ultimate flexibility when detangling
-Brush made partially from plant-based plastics. % variance may occur due to manufacturing tolerance.

How to Use:
-Use on wet or dry hair
-Specially designed for all curly hair types
-Do not use with a blow-dryer.
-For styling with blow-dryer, use one of our Speed Dry® brushes